Terms and conditions


  1. CUSTOMER OR USER means anyone who has visited www.skenderovyartstudio.com website on their computer.
  2. ORDER means the selected items and all other attributes associated with the shipping of the goods and the payment by the customer.
  3. www.skenderovyartstudio.com online store is an ownership of Skenderovy Art Studio.


  1. This document contains TERMS AND CONDITIONS under which Skenderovy Art Studio provides services to their users/customers via www.skenderovyartstudio.com online store.
  2. Products available on www.skenderovyartstudio.com website do not constitute a legally binding offer, but are rather demonstrative online catalogue, describing Skenderovy Art Studio product line.
  3. After clicking the ORDER button customers agree to buy the goods listed in the shopping cart. This action is legally binding and consistent with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The customer receives an order confirmation and by this the contract is considered concluded.
  4. The contractual language is English and the payments will be made in EUR, net of VAT via PayPal.
  5. The Studio reserves the right to waive the delivery of а confirmed order if the items are not available. If an item is out of stock the Studio will notify the customer of the exhaustion within the working week by sending a message to the email address registered by the Customer. In case of a completed transfer to the bank account of the Studio, the Customer can opt for a transfer refund, order cancellation or a replacing order.


  1. For items out of stock or insufficient number available, the Customer can order the desired items to be made. The price is determined by the quantity ordered. The deadline for completing the order is from 1 (one) week to 1 (one) month, depending on the quantity of items ordered. The Studio notifies the Customer through the email address registered for the duration and the cost of the order.
  2. The Customer shall pay 50% deposit of the total price of the contract when the Studio confirms the order and starts working on it and the other 50% of the amount remaining, upon completion of the order.


  1. The customer bears the entire risk of damage/loss of the goods on delivery. Skenderovy Art Studio is released from the risk and the same is transferred to the customer, immediately after the goods have been delivered to the courier. The Studio is not responsible for any delay due to the courier or another provider.
       A) The goods should be reviewed carefully by the customer or a representative of his/hers immediately after delivery. Any faults, strokes or other damages discovered should be instantly reported to Skenderovy Art Studio. In case of detection of damages, caused by the transportation, the Studio bears no warranty service responsibility on this product. In case of a detected damage not due to transportation, the customer must immediately notify Skenderovy Art Studio by sending pictures of the damaged products and the consignment number. When establishing the fault of Skenderovy Art Studio, defective products can be returned and replaced as the return delivery is on the Client. Upon detection of abuse the Studio does not undertake to exchange the items.
  2. When false or wrong address, contact person have been registered in order placement Skenderovy Art Studio is not bound by any obligation to perform the contract.
  3. Upon delivery of the goods the customer or a third person sign the accompanying documents. A third person is anyone who is not the holder of the order, but accepts the goods on delivery and is available at the shipping address entered by the customer.


  1. All prices declared on www.skenderovyartstudio.com are in EUR (€).
  2. Purchases of € 50-150 - Free Shipping
    Purchases of € 151-300 - 15% discount and free shipping
    Purchases of € 301-500 - 25% discount and free shipping
    Purchases over € 500 euros - 50% discount and free shipping


  1. The Customer has the right to request information about the status of their order.
  2. The Customer bears full responsibility for protecting their user name and password, as well as for all acts performed by him/her or a third party using the username and password. The Customer is obliged to instantly notify Skenderovy Art Studio in case of unauthorized access using their username and password, and whenever there is a risk of such use.
  3. The Customer is obliged to pay the price of their order according to the method declared on www.skenderovyartstudio.com
      A) The Customer undertakes to register accurate and valid shipping and email address and provide access and possibility to receive the goods.


  1. Skenderovy Art Studio, after receiving of payment, is obliged to transfer the ownership of the ordered goods to the Customer, to send the purchase on time, to check the quality of each item before it is sent.
  2. Skenderovy Art Studio is not responsible for its obligations under this Contract upon occurrence of circumstances that Skenderovy Art Studio hasn’t foreseen and was not obliged to.
  3. Skenderovy Art Studio is entitled to install cookies on users' computers.


  1. Skenderovy Art Studio guarantees the confidentiality of information and personal data provided by the Users/Customers to the web site. The same will not be used, provided or brought to the attention of third parties outside the cases and conditions declared in these Terms and Conditions. Skenderovy Art Studio protects Users’/Customers’ personal data received through the filling of the electronic form for placing the order. This obligation shall cease if the Customer has provided false information. Skenderovy Art Studio can use Customers' personal data only for the purposes specified in the contract.
      A) Skenderovy Art Studio undertakes to not disclose any personal information about the Customer to third parties - government authorities, companies, individuals and others, unless a written consent of the Customer is received.


  1. These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time by Skenderovy Art Studio, which has the right to change the characteristics of the services provided and the Terms and Conditions on the grounds of legislation amendments. Skenderovy Art Studio is obliged to notify the users of changes in the Terms and Conditions by publishing a notice of amendments in a prominent place on www.skenderovyartstudio.com website and giving the users sufficient time to become familiar with these changes.

Store Information

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