Original Jewelry made of porcelain and glass


Original Jewelry made of porcelain and glass

Handmade porcelain cabochons


Handmade porcelain cabochons

Handmade porcelain Orthodox Icons


Handmade porcelain Orthodox Icons


Skenderovy Art Design Studio operates and developed in the field of processing of glass, ceramics and porcelain.

Made by the Chinese and loved and desired by the European possessors, porcelain is one of the most beautiful materials on earth. Its whiteness, light weigh, softness and transparency inspire us to create our collections of jewelry, icons, sculptures and cabochons.

Every artist who once touched this material falls in love with it for rest of their lives. Genuine porcelain forms at a temperature higher than 1300 °C. Difficult and recalcitrant, beautiful and imperious, porcelain is what makes us work tirelessly day and night, creating more and more beautiful uniques for you.

Who we are

We are Rositsa and Valentin Skenderovy family. We live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the Balkans.

Rositsa is a graduate of "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" University in Sculpture and Music Pedagogy – piano specialties. Valentin is a master ceramist. We created Skenderovy Art Design Studio in 2008 and started working in the arts. We have our shop where we offer glass, ceramics and porcelain art jewellery.


The life of each of our models begins with a drawing and a graphic design. The sculptural elaboration of wax follows. When the wax model is ready, we proceed to making a mold and a number of products out of it. Next is retouching, drying, "cookies" baking at 900 degrees Celsius; re-retouching, painting with glaze, firing at 1300 degrees Celsius. Decoration with gold, platinum or lustra comes final and then firing at 750 degrees Celsius again, which ends the processing.

This is a very long and difficult process. Everything is made by hand and each defect obtained at any stage of processing makes the article worthless.

Porcelain is а very beautiful and graceful, but also fickle material. The basis of its structure is kaolin, but the exact recipe is a secret. Quality porcelain after treatment is snow-white, light and transparent. That is why we trust the Mont Blanc porcelain (made in Germany).

Our goal is making quality works of art of quality materials.

Store Information

Skenderovy Art Studio 46 Hristo Botev Str. 5350 Tryavna Bulgaria